What our clients have to say...״

״Big huge shout out to Ambrose Removal for taking my entire garage full of stuff away. They were so quick, professional, friendly and most of all reasonable. Thanks so much!!!" - Monique and Mitchell Singer-Thornhill

Thank you, Ambrose Junk Removal for making yourself available to lend a hand to Uptown Chabad, Gan Chabad, and Kinder Sports. We are fortunate to have you in the community!" - Moshe Steiner North York 


Thanks to Richard Ambrose for the amazing service for our Kennmarr clients. Highly recommend Ambrose Junk Removal every time!!
Kennmarr is proud to be partnered up with this awesome service!"
Marla Libman - Toronto


"I am so glad I didn't decide to remove all the junk that I collected around our house after the renovations and moving excess myself. I became aware as I watched Ambrose and his men quickly load the truck how heavy and difficult moving all that junk really was. I had clearly underestimated the efforts and time it would take me to do it alone with my van. Ambrose Removal did the job politely, quickly, quietly, with speed and cleanliness too! Not only that they have an eye for detail, asking correctly if I really wanted to throw a few items I had mistakenly told them to dispose of. Patience as well - taking the time to remove an item in a hard to reach area in the garage. I highly recommend Ambrose Junk Removal." - David Kaufman Thornhill